NDR: a Multiple Sclerosis Research & Development company

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The NDR approach

To discover novel MS treatments we established a high-throughput 3D brain organoid system containing key brain cells involved in MS pathology. This approach allows us to explore new MS medications.

About NDR

NDR is a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Research & Development company. At NDR, we perform molecular and cell-biological research on cultured human 3D minibrains (oligocortical spheroids with multiple brain cell types derived from a human embryonic stem cell line). We are developing this model to validate ‘druggable’ targets derived from our big-data molecular landscape of MS. We investigate the effects of genetic manipulation (CRISPR-cas on key MS genes/proteins) as well as of compounds that activate or inhibit targeted functioning of the (MS) minibrains to gain new mechanistic insights into the disease. We aim to develop disease-modifying drugs for MS that will eventually be tested in clinical trials.


Molecular Effects of FDA-Approved Multiple Sclerosis Drugs on Glial Cells and Neurons of the Central Nervous System

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is characterized by peripheral and central inflammatory features, as well as demyelination and neurodegeneration. The available Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved drugs for MS have been designed to suppress the peripheral immune system. In addition, however, the effects of these drugs may be partially attributed to their influence on glial cells and …

A reappraisal of Human HOG and MO3.13 Cell Lines as a Model to Study Oligodendrocyte Functioning.

Myelination of neuronal axons is essential for proper brain functioning and requires mature myelinating oligodendrocytes (myOLs). The human OL cell lines HOG and MO3.13 have been widely used as in vitro models to study OL (dys) functioning. Here we applied a number of protocols aimed at differentiating HOG and MO3.13 cells into myOLs. However, none …


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